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Environmental Rooms :

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TENNEY Environmental Rooms / Lunaire Environmental Rooms

When your testing requires walk-in rooms, choose Tenney. Our test rooms feature automated process control, energy efficiency, and a vast range of features and options.
Every Tenney environmental room features state-of-the-art equipment that reliably produces required conditions, structural integrity that keeps the room working properly through years of demanding test cycles, and measuring/monitoring equipment that precisely records all test data.
Tenney environmental rooms are used world-wide for many testing applications. Almost every tool, product or component that is used in the home, factory or field is tested with environmental simulation equipment.


  • Temperature and humidity cycling
  • Automotive testing
  • Appliance testing
  • Electronic and electrical component testing burn-in
  • Medical research


  • Altitude simulation up to 200,000 feet
  • Temperature range from -80° C to +200° C
  • Humidity range from 20% to 95% in the dry bulb range of +20° C to +70° C, limited by a 5° C dew point
  • Flexible panelized modular design permits future expansion or relocation
  • If application requires, welded, unitized construction
  • Modular panels consist of aluminum stainless clad 4" foam polyurethane insulation
  • Floors are 16 ga. Galvanized steel, designed to support 600 pounds per square foot.
  • Rooms are precision-engineered to provide maximum airflow uniformity

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