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Temperature/Humidity Chambers:

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Tenney Classic (TC) Series
The TC Series of environmental cycling reach-in test chambers include both temperature-only chambers and temperature / humidity chambers. The Tenney TC Series Cycling Test Chambers offer design features for optimal performance such as a high volume horizontal-down air circulation system with an electric heating system and a mechanical refrigeration system. If the humidity option is selected, a vapor injection type humidification system is used to condition the product. A wide range of options can be added to enhance the equipment. Since 1932, Tenney engineering continues to incorporate the latest technologies in heating, cooling, and humidification to meet the most stringent demands in the industry.

  • Watlow F4T Controller
  • Air Cooled Refrigeration
  • Solid State Humidity Sensor
  • Heavy-duty leveling casters
  • Solid-state pressure switches

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Tenney ETCU Series
The Tenney ETCU Ultimate Series Temperature Humidity Cycling Chamber features scroll compressor technology that provides quiet operation, fast transition rates, and reliable operations.
The chambers incorporate a ceiling plenum to diffuse conditioned air vertically through the chamber. The top-to-bottom air circulation guarantees stable and consistent performance over the testing period.
Multiple heating and cooling systems are available, as well as a diverse list of options that together will create the chamber to accommodate your specific application.
Scroll Compressors provide the Tenney ETCU Temperature / Humidity Cycling Test Chamber with quiet operation, fast transition rates, and reliable operations.
Vertical air circulation guarantees stable and consistent performance over testing periods.
Multiple heating and cooling systems and options are available to create a chamber that accommodates your specific application.
Uses environmentally friendly, HFC-free refrigerants and durable refrigeration systems.
Innovative vertically-hinged door provides operator with easy access to the work area.


  • Interior chamber made of stainless steel insulated by fiberglass insulation and foam insulation
  • Vapor-Flo II Humidity Generator (when humidity system is employed)
  • High Reliability Refrigeration System
  • Single or cascade type refrigeration system
  • Non-corroding parts on all humidity capable units

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Tenney T2 series
The Tenney T2 temperature and humidity cycling chamber simulates a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions while utilizing minimal floor space. We specifically designed these environmental chambers to have a compact exterior and an ample interior workspace.
The T2 Temperature and Humidity Cycling Chamber design allocates space within the interior of the cabinet for all standard options. This greatly improves the mobility of the unit as well as the overall appearance.

  • All models feature vapor-tight, continously welded stainless steel interiors
  • Low workspace height to ease the loading and unloading of product
  • Vertical recirculation conditioning system
  • Chamber overtemperature protection
  • Cascade refrigeration system
  • Built in safety devices
  • RS-485 data communications

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