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Air Cooled : AA Series by Xchanger, Inc.

AA Series exchangers cool low pressure gas streams with ambient air. They are ideal for locations with limited access to cooling water.

AA Series exchangers feature a TEFC 230/460 VAC, 3 phase motor, a heavy-duty cooling fan and an OSHA approved fan guard.  The exhaust hood is galvanized steel, and the venturi frame is painted carbon steel.

Core Construction
The aluminum plate-fin core is furnace brazed with alternating finned flow channels.   Process gas flows in horizontal channels, and ambient cooling air flows upward, through vertical channels.  The process stream enters and exits through rectangular aluminum headers, which are welded to the core.

Operational Considerations
Each process gas passageway is .02 square inches (.25 x .08 inches).  The process stream must be filtered to insure particulate will not obstruct the passages.  If necessary, the service side can usually be cleaned with a soapy water wash.  Due to their long flow length, the process channels should not be considered cleanable.

Installation Considerations
Pulsating flow, such as that produced by rotary lobe blowers should be dampened by a chambered silencer. AA Series exchangers dissipate heat from the process stream to the ambient environment.  They are designed for outdoor installation.  If installed indoors, the area should be very well ventilated.

Xchanger, Inc. engineers use a computer model to analyze heat transfer performance.   A specifically designed program calculates housing material thickness based on the ASME code.  As with all Xchanger, Inc. equipment, the design performance is guaranteed.

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