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Mixing & Reaction Technology:

SMI Static mixers for low viscous liquids
The Sulzer type SMI Static Mixer is ideal for handling low viscosity fluids (gases, low viscosity liquids) in the turbulent flow regime where an efficient blending/mixing action is required. The SMI mixing baffles generate larger counter rotating eddy currents in the main fluid flow, which ensures a very effective cross flow pattern over the entire pipe cross-section of the mixer including flow regions close to the pipe walls. The mixer has an open structure which eliminates the risk of clogging and has been designed with the aid of computational fluid dynamic simulation techniques, now verified by an extensive program of test work. In combination with appropriate dosing arrangements, simple construction, low pressure drops and efficient mixing within a short distance are particular features of this mixer design.

Customer advantages:

  • Efficient mixing of low viscous liquids
  • Low energy requirement because of small pressure drop
  • Fast and cost-efficient solutions because of standardized design
  • Available in different materials, also for high corrosive fluids

SMX static mixers consist of an array of similar, stationary mixing elements, placed one behind the other in a pipe. Liquids are pumped through the channel, and the elements act to accelerate the homogenization of material properties, such as concentration, temperature, and velocity. The mixing elements, which have the length of one diameter, are rotated by 90° relative to the previous one. The elements are complex networks of angled guide blades, positioned at an angle between 30° and 45° to the pipe axis, and mixing occurs through the continuous redirecting, splitting, stretching, and diffusion of the fluids as they pass through the available openings.

The SMX static mixer is mainly used for difficult homogenization and dispersing tasks in laminar flow. Since there are no moving parts involved, the SMX can occur with low shear, which is very important for some mixing processes where gentle treatment of the materials is required.

Sulzer supplies SMX mixing elements from a diameter of 3.2 mm up to almost every diameter. For our standard diameters the delivery time is about 2 weeks whereas it can take up to 16 weeks for a special diameter including a flanged housing.

Customer advantages:

  • Excellent mixing and dispersing even with widely differing fluids viscosities
  • Smallest space requirement for perfect homogenizing and dispersing
  • Unbeatable product quality because of narrow residence time distribution
  • No deposits and blockages due to the excellent cross-mixing

The Sulzer SMV type static mixer is ideal for applications requiring a distributive and homogeneous mixing and blending action in the turbulent flow regime. Other favorite tasks for the Sulzer SMV mixer are applications requiring a dispersive mixing action or mass transfer in the turbulent flow regime. This occurs typically between immiscible phases (e.g. oil/water systems resp. gas/liquid), where an interfacial tension exists between the two or more phases. Higher shear forces are necessary for this dispersion duty. The Sulzer SMV mixing elements consist of intersecting corrugated plates and channels, which encourage a rapid mixing action in combination with plug flow progression through the mixer. Any number of additives can be mixed at the same time within the mixing zone. A high mixing efficiency combined with large turn-down processing capabilities and short mixing lengths as well as low energy requirements, zero maintenance are major advantages for this type of Sulzer mixer. A reference list of installations covering more than thirty five years equipment supply can provide a clear indication of the quality and popularity of the equipment being offered.

Customer advantages:

  • Fast and complete reaction, absorption or extraction due to high mass transfer area
  • Constant and reproducible product qualities
  • Fast mass transfer because of continuous renewal of the interface surface area
  • Mixer and disperser with minimum space requirement

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