Fabric & Vinyl Wrapped Acoustic Wall Panels, Baffles, and Clouds

Kinetics Noise Control:

Kinetics Noise Control has a fabric wrapped acoustic panel to meet every application, from general purpose Hardside Panels, fully abuse resistant Sportsboard Conform, to the large format Wave Baffle. Not to be limited to only what's available at the mill, Acoustigraphix custom printed fabrics are available on all panels, allowing an acoustic fixture to transform into a piece of artwork, a company or school's logo, or any other pattern desired.

RPG Acoustic:

With a focus on high performance and targeted acoustics, RPG Acoustic's fabric line has a panel to perfect the sound profile of any space. The Broadsorber, a multidensity fiberglass panel that offers even absorption across the range of human hearing. The Modsorber, a panel that targets low frequency absorption while minimizing loss of higher frequencies. And the BAD panel, a revolutionary design that scatters and diffuses while pulling double duty as an absorptive panel.


NOVAWALL acoustical track was created to allow the installer the flexibility to deliver the architect’s design. Stretch fabric walls were stiff and square prior to NOVAWALL’S beginnings. Now operating in their 30th year, NOVAWALL’s patented extrusions continue to be the most flexible, easiest to work with and by far the track most recommended by architects. Working with our dealers, NOVAWALL and its partners have developed a training course of proven practices that allows us to offer the best and longest guarantee in the industry. Design with the freedom of knowing your NOVAWALL dealer has the tools and experience to deliver what you have created.