Floor, Ceiling, & Wall Isolation

Create Quiet

Noise pollution is an ever increasing concern in the modern world. Keeping that noise controlled is Kinetics' business. By isolating floors, walls, and ceilings from each other you can minimize and eliminate flanking paths, drastically reducing the amount of noise that is transmitted between floors, rooms, and even between buildings.


Isolating floors can prevent vibration from entering structure at the point of impact. Kinetics offers systems that can mitigate massive impacts from dropped free weights to thin underlayments that will bring multi-family living units to code compliance. Stop noise at its source by isolating floors using a product from one of four performance categories.


Ceiling hangers isolate gypsum board from structure. Using a resilient element to separate mass inside an airspace is the most effective way to raise STC and IIC ratings. Select from full performance one-inch deflection spring hangers or an install-friendly, low-profile pad hanger.


There are two distinct areas of concern when addressing noise control for walls. Stopping noise from passing through to the adjacent side requires products that either add mass to the wall or damp or isolate gypsum board. The other set of products prevent noise vibration in a wall from traveling up or down and breaking out. Controlling noise flanking is paramount when using noise control floor and ceiling products with walls that are directly attached to a nonisolated structure.