Felt Ceilings and Walls

CertainTeed Architectural:

The familiar, inviting texture. The brilliant array of colors. The range of choices in size and shape. Add in incredible sound absorption capabilities and high recycled content, and you have a ceiling product that’s soft to the touch, soft on the ears, and splendid on the eyes. CertainTeed Architectural's Felt ceilings and walls portfolio includes linear systems, large-format panels, and clouds,  – all with custom-engineering capabilities through the Decoustics line.

With CertainTeed Architectural, you can trust that your felt ceiling design is in the hands of a partner who knows all the ins and outs of making ceilings work, which means you can design freely and specify confidently.

kleen PET Products by Kinetics:

Modern styling meets acoustical performance with Kinetics Noise Control's line of kleen PET products. Wall Panels, clouds, baffles, dividers, and doors are available in and industry leading 38 different colored and printed felts. The kleen family of products feature recycled PET, offering ultra-low VOC emissions and bleach cleanability. The material is formaldehyde free and 100% recyclable. kleen balances acoustical design with an emphasis on environmental wellness. Harmony you can see and hear.

Novawall FORM PET:

Following a long tradition of delivering an acoustical product that is truly custom, we introduce P.E.T., Novawall's completely custom cloud, baffle, banner product line.

With  P.E.T.  you can choose from a large variety of custom sizes and an array of 24 colors to create the appropriate cloud, baffle, and or banner for your ceiling projects.