Gypsum Ceilings

CertainTeed Architectural:

Forget the standard flat drywall ceiling. Gypsum ceiling solutions offer more than you ever imagined: from the high performance durability and scrub-resistance of vinyl-faced panels designed for healthcare or food service environments, to the aesthetically intriguing style of Gyptone® large-format perforated acoustical panels.

Our experts at CertainTeed Architectural are here to help you put together your solution, whether you need panels for a class 5 clean room or curved canopies for a visually stunning, but acoustically subdued showpiece.

RPG Acoustic Glass-Reinforced-Gypsum Diffusers:

Optimal acoustic performance is what RPG has delivered with molded GRG diffusers. Available as clouds and lay-in panels, RPG's "G" line of ceiling and wall products covers 1D and 2D diffusion, as well as reflectors. The stiff material eliminates the diaphramatic absorption seen with plastics, without the need for added insulation or thicker materials. Products include the Harmonix G, Waveform Bicubic G, Waveform Biradial G, Waveform Monoradial G, and many others. With a variety of appearances there's never been a better way to balance the performance of a ceiling with modern aesthetics.